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Pope arrives in Mexico pledging to fight 'evil' drugs trade | World news

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Published on Saturday, 24 March 2012 Written by Super User
Pope arrives in Mexico pledging to fight 'evil' drugs trade | World news
Pope Benedict XVI condemns Mexico's drug war, and on arrival in Leon is greeted by tens of thousands of well-wishers Link to this video

Pope Benedict XVI has arrived in Mexico promising to "unmask the evil" of drug trafficking in a country ravaged by gang violence that has killed 50,000 people in the past five years.

The pope began his three-day visit to the world's second-most populous Catholic state in the central city of Leon, where he received one of the most exuberant welcomes of any of his foreign trips.

Tens of thousands of people, 20 deep in some places, lined the streets on his 22-mile (35km) drive through the city.

He touched down in Mexico after making strong statements on board his papal plane about the country's spiralling drug war.

"We must do whatever is possible to combat this destructive evil against humanity and our youth," he told reporters, referring to the violent conflict between rival drug cartels and the state.

"It is the responsibility of the church to educate consciences, to teach moral responsibility and to unmask the evil, to unmask this idolatry of money which enslaves man, to unmask the false promises, the lies, the fraud that is behind drugs."

Raising his arms aloft as he exited the plane, Benedict descended the stairs slowly, holding the handrail. He was greeted by President Felipe Calderón and a group of children while crowds cheered and waved Vatican flags.

Addressing the masses gathered at the airport in a steady, measured tone, the pope said in Spanish that he had come as a "pilgrim of faith, of hope, and of love".

"I will pray especially for those in need, particularly those who suffer because of old and new rivalries, resentments and all forms of violence," said Benedict, adding that he hoped his message would reach Mexicans outside their homeland.

The bloodshed across Mexico was in the minds of many waiting to see Benedict in Leon, a Roman Catholic stronghold that has avoided the worst of the brutal turf wars.

Throngs of Catholics dressed in white t-shirts and caps threw yellow and white confetti, having waited since early morning to see the pope pass. Many of them were young people let out of school for the day.

Several stood in front of a large banner that read: "Pope, pray that the violence ends, pray that peace returns".

"Violence is the country's biggest priority. There are some places where you can't even set foot outside it's so dangerous," said 16-year-old Martin Zamora, who hung the sign with his Catholic youth group.

"Many young people have decided to join up with organised crime instead of fighting it. That's what the pope is coming here for, to help save young people."

Benedict, who turns 85 next month, will rest for 24 hours to recover from jet lag. His main message will be delivered on Sunday at an outdoor service that hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend.

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