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California Bill to Label GE Fish Fails « The True Food Network

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Published on Friday, 20 January 2012 Written by Super User

Posted on January 19, 2012 by Admin

California Bill to Label GE Fish Fails « The True Food Network AB 88—the California bill which would have required that all genetically engineered (GE) fish sold in California contain clear and prominent labeling—failed in the Assembly Appropriations Committee today by a vote of 9-7. AB 88 was stalled in Appropriations last year, and was held-over for reintroduction this session by the bill’s author, Assembly member Huffman.

While we are disappointed that AB 88 failed today, we are encouraged by the level of support the bill received in a tough Committee. The bill’s failure in Committee came despite clear consumer demand for labeling of GE fish. As Huffman told TakePart today, “If we had put this bill before the people of California, it would have passed overwhelmingly.”

Thank you all for your tremendous support for this bill! Had it not been for our CFS True Food Network members emailing and calling Committee members, the bill would not have received the support it did. Thank you!

For more information on GE fish, visit CFS’s campaign website http://www.ge-fish.org

For information on federal bills:
The U.S. Senate: S. 230 (ban) and S. 229 (mandatory labeling)
The U.S. House: H.R. 521 (ban) and H.R. 520 (mandatory labeling)

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